About Us

Welcome to Desesh. We're excited you found us.

Desesh was created with a simple mission: we want to make it easy to have a more sustainable routine. This mission was inspired by our own experiences over the past few years.

Like a lot of people, we have become increasingly aware of the environmental impact of our daily routines. This awareness, compounded by the endless supply of anxiety and guilt-inducing fear marketing, is hard to reconcile against the lack of easy options people actually have to make more sustainable choices. At this point in time, we believe most people are well aware of the plastic crisis and other environmental concerns - but when you go to a grocery store what options do you really have to make better purchasing decisions?

Desesh was created to address both of those issues. Firstly, while we know fear marketing would be highly effective at driving sales of our products, it's just not the way we want our brand to be. We want people to know that progress is much better than perfection. Secondly, we aim to make this progress easier than it currently is by bringing together a curated collection of plastic free and more eco friendly alternative products in one place.

While we're new as a brand, we represent a collection of multiple established manufacturers who have years of experience making the products we offer. We have spent months working with each manufacturer to customize the products offered as a part of the Desesh brand. Our product creation journey saw us working closely with each partner to refine their base formulas and ensure our standards are met. For example, in addition to customizing the scents of our solid shampoo and conditioner bars we have also swapped out artificial fragrances and colors for natural alternatives using essential oils and minerals.

Our headquarters and registration is in Honolulu. Our customer service team is on the US West Coast. We have our warehouse located in the Dallas metro area - which allows us to be geographically centralized to our customers to reduce our shipping impact (which we also automatically offset - as calculated by your home address in the check-out) as well as to improve the speed at which we can fulfill customer orders. Our main three US manufacturering partners are on the East Coast. We do also currently have some of our manufacturing outside of the US, mostly for our accessory products.

We're working to build a community of people who love the Desesh brand. As such, we would appreciate your input! Please either use the Contact Us form on the website or message us directly on Instagram (@trydesesh) if you have any comments, suggestions, or ideas for improvement. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you on your own sustainability journey.