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  • What is Desesh's mission? Our mission is simple: we want to make it easy to have a more sustainable routine. Therefore, we have brought together a range of eco friendly swaps for every day products. This means helping people to both reduce plastic consumption as well as switch to higher quality and healthier ingredients - without compromising on product effectiveness or ease of use.
  • What does the name "Desesh" mean? The name Desesh comes from two words, one French and one Spanish. "Dessécher" in French means “to dry” which speaks to the lack of liquid in our products - meaning they don’t need plastic packaging and therefore emit less emissions during shipping from being lighter. "Desechar" in Spanish means “to waste” - which reflects how our products are designed for a lower waste, lower impact, and more sustainable lifestyle.
  • Where is Desesh located? Our headquarters and registration is in Honolulu. Our customer service team is on the US West Coast. We have our warehouse located in the Dallas metro area - which allows us to be geographically centralized to our customers to reduce our shipping impact (which we also automatically offset - as calculated by your home address in the check-out) as well as to improve the speed at which we can fulfill customer orders. Our main three US manufacturering partners are on the East Coast. We do also currently have some of our manufacturing outside of the US, mostly for our accessory products.
  • What are Desesh's hours of operation? Our customer service hours are generally aligned to US Pacific time. Therefore Mon-Fri 9am-5pm. We aim to respond to all messages received during weekdays within 24 hours of receipt or sooner. If you haven't received a response within this time frame please try again using either the Contact Us form on the website or direct message on Instagram (@trydesesh). Please also check your junk email folder, in case a reply was miscategorized.
  • Can I speak with someone over the phone? We prefer to communicate over email as we have two people who share the responsibility for customer service, and this allows us to more easily keep track of our communication status with regard to ensuring all customer questions are answered. That said, if you prefer to speak with someone over the phone, please message us using the Contact Us form or via direct message on Instagram (@trydesesh) along with your phone number and some context/questions and we’ll give you a call back if requested!
  • Where are Desesh products made? We work with numerous established, trusted manufacturers to customize our products to our standards and specifications. Our main three US suppliers are all on the East Coast. We then source other products from China (as well as various locations in South and Southeast Asia). Almost all of our core products which we purchase the most of, as well as promote the most heavily, are made in the US. Then the majority of the products that we source from China are the accessory products made from bamboo, cotton, and other natural materials. Especially for bamboo, China is the largest producer of this highly renewable material as well as has the most specialized manufacturing for bamboo products. We are constantly re-evaluating our manufacturing footprint, and manufacturing in the US is a top priority for us.
  • What is Desesh's brand theme? Desesh’s brand theme is inspired by global tropical and mediterranean styles. We love warm and sunny places - and we want these good vibes to be reflected in our brand!
  • Can I buy Desesh products in person rather than online? We are available in a select number of physical stores. Please see the "Shop Desesh Locally" page in the footnote of the website to find locations near you. We'd also love your support in asking your local retailers to stock us in their stores!
  • Can I buy Desesh products on Amazon? Yes! We have recently launched on Amazon for a selection of our flagship products.
  • Why did Desesh decide to donate 5% of all revenue to non-profits rather than join 1% for the Planet or other programs? We think 1%FTP is great and hope to see more companies get involved, but we wanted to exceed this as well as bypass administrative costs and have a closer relationship with non-profits by donating directly. By donating 5% we’re able to give sizable donations to nonprofits. We also want to emphasize that this is 5% of revenue, not profit, so every sale leads to a donation. We’ll be making our first donation on or before January 15th, 2023. We make donations by the 15th of each month, reflecting the revenue from the month prior.
  • What payment options do you accept? We accept all major credit cards as well as Meta, Google, Apple and Shop Pay. We also have both Venmo and Paypal as possible options. All payments are processed securely by Shopify.
  • How can I leave a review? We’re excited you want to review us! As a new business, reviews will be very important for us to grow. When you purchase from Desesh, you’ll get an email with an easy option for writing reviews approximately 5-10 days after products arrive. We also would love your reviews on Google or other search engines and sites!
  • How do I dispose of the products after using them? Our products are designed to either have no remaining contents - or to be reused, recycled, or composted; for example, the glass jar for toothpaste tablets can either be reused by purchasing the 3 month refill pouches, upcycled into a spice jar or flower vase, or recycled after removing the label and disposing of it. Across our range of 35+ products, we do have a few small exceptions which we are working to address. For example, the toothpaste jar label is not paper-based unlike most of our other labels (we have requested a paper-based label on our next batch). The shipping label on the box used for delivering the products is not paper-based but a traditional label (however the box itself is cardboard, the dunnage/filling is paper, and the tape used is paper-based). The nylon and charcoal toothbrush bristles may be recyclable depending on your local area, but realistically these should be removed and disposed of separately from the bamboo brush handle.
  • Do you offer a subscription? We offer a voluntary and opt-in subscription on over 20 items where we see people wanting to make regular purchases (e.g., toothpaste tablets, shampoo bars, deodorant, etc). You select your desired frequency and receive 20% off on the first order as well 20% off on all subsequent orders to thank you for your loyalty. To qualify for free U.S. shipping ($50+) we recommend selecting one subscription frequency (e.g., every month) to bundle your items in one repeating order rather than selecting different frequencies for different products. We also feel the subscription fatigue and we have no desire to create a sneaky subscription program where you have to opt-out, so you're welcome to cancel any time.
  • Do you sell Desesh gift cards? We currently do not offer gift cards, however we are looking to add this in 2023.
  • Do you offer discounts or promotions? Yes, occasionally. Either the discount will be shown automatically on a given product, or it will be advertised as a story on our Instagram or in the video of a brand partner. Subscriptions are the most consistent form of discounts given we offer the 20% discount both on the first purchase as well as all subsequent subscription purchases.
  • Can I purchase Desesh products wholesale? Yes! We're available on both Tundra and Faire. Click either link to receive referral incentives that can reduce the cost of inventory for your store!
  • Can I become an affiliate, influencer, or brand partner? Yes, please see the "Become an Affiliate" tab at the base of our website. Or you can use the Contact Us form if you think we would enjoy working together!


  • How much does US shipping cost? We offer free shipping for all US customers on orders over $50. If you want to order less than the threshold amounts, standard shipping is a flat rate of $7.99
  • How long will it take to receive my order? All of our orders will be sent from our warehouse in the Dallas metropolitan area, centrally located for the mainland United States. Our shipping times will vary by location and proximity to our warehouse. Typically for the mainland US, standard shipping will take 5-7 business days once the order is fulfiled and expedited shipping will take 1-2 business days. During holiday times, these estimates likely require an extra 1-3 days given parcel volumes in the mail system. We are often able to fulfill orders same day if received before 11:30am Central time Mon-Fri.
  • Can I expedite my order? Yes! We offer expedited shipping (2 Business Days for the lower 48 US States). This is available for a flat rate of $12.99 and can be selected at check-out.
  • Do you ship internationally? Yes! We do want to note that orders shipped outside the US may require extra taxes or duties upon delivery. Currently our only warehouse is in the US but in the future we will explore adding extra warehouses in other countries - which will speed up delivery to non-US customers. 
  • What should I do if I need to change or cancel my order? We will do our best to make any changes/cancel your order before it is shipped. That said, we typically fulfill orders very shortly after receiving them (often same day, if received before 11:30am US Central Mon-Fri). If it has already been shipped, then we recommend you try to contact the carrier directly to change the delivery schedule or address, add special instructions, request a delivery hold, etc. If none of these are possible fixes after your order has been shipped, we will have to process your order as a return. You can contact us by replying to the invoice email you received when placing the order.
  • Can I have my order shipped to a P.O. Box? Unfortunately, we currently do not offer shipping to a P.O. box.
  • What shipping carriers do you use? We use a wide range of carriers. USPS is one of the most frequently used. That said, we select the carrier that makes the most sense based on your order size and delivery location.
  • How can I track my order status? When orders are placed, you will receive a receipt along with a tracking link to the phone number or email address that was used for the order; no account is required.
  • Are all orders carbon neutral? Yes! We automatically calculate the emissions from each order delivery and then purchase carbon credits to offset this - through a verified Shopify app. We are also planning to get certified as Climate Neutral for the entire company, beyond just carbon emissions from delivery. We will announce this once we have completed the process so please stay tuned!
  • What materials are used for shipping? We only use cardboard boxes for the exterior package, kraft paper for the dunnage (interior filling/padding), and paper tape to seal the boxes. The shipping label is not paper based, so we encourage customers to remove that prior to recycling the box. We ship all orders from a shared warehouse, so in the extremely unlikely event that an order ships in something other than the above packaging, please contact us immediately - we will then immediately follow up with the warehouse team to ensure it does not happen again, as well as purchase plastic offset credits - e.g., to support ocean clean up efforts. That said, we do not foresee this scenario as occurring except in very rare possible circumstances given we have explicit packaging requirements that our warehouse team adheres to.


  • Do you offer refunds? Yes! We offer a 100% money-back guarantee within the first 30 days after purchase. If you are not satisfied, or if there is an issue with the products, then please email us by replying to the invoice email you received at purchase - along with a description of the issue and any photos if relevant. Alternatively, please use the Contact Us form on our website or send us a direct message on Instagram (@trydesesh). Although replying to the invoice email will be the fastest method as we can then more easily associate it with a given order number.
  • What should I do if I need to change or cancel my order? We will do our best to make any changes/cancel your order before it is shipped. That said, we typically fulfill orders very shortly after receiving them (often same day, if received before 11:30am US Central Mon-Fri). If it has already been shipped, then we recommend you try to contact the carrier directly to change the delivery schedule or address, add special instructions, request a delivery hold, etc. If none of these are possible fixes after your order has been shipped, we will have to process your order as a return. You can contact us by replying to the invoice email you received when placing the order.
  • How are refunds processed? Refunds are sent back to the card/payment method used, and this is processed through Shopify. Please allow up to 10 business days for the funds to appear in your account; contact us if it has been longer than 10 business days so we can follow up. 


  • Are Desesh products vegan and cruelty free? We never test any products on animals and we have worked hard to avoid animal products or byproducts in our offerings. All of our products are vegan and cruelty free, with the exception of the wool dryer balls which are not vegan. For the dryer balls, we tested two vegan alternatives but weren’t yet satisfied so are not willing to offer this currently. We are continuing to test alternative fibers and materials to provide a wool alternative.
  • Are Desesh products palm oil free? Yes, all products are free from palm oil.
  • Are Desesh products hypoallergenic? We have not had independent testing for this, and therefore are not able to make this claim. We will be going through independent certification processes in 2023 and look forward to reporting back on this when we are able to.
  • Are Desesh products antibacterial? We do not make this claim for any of our products. Our cleaning products do not contain biocides or specific antibacterial agents. Products such as the all-purpose and toilet cleaning tablets are designed to effectively remove mess or stains from surfaces. Products such as the hand soaps (as with many soaps) are important for daily hygiene.
  • Where can I find the product ingredients? Please see each product page and the product description for the ingredients. We do not hide our ingredients and so these are located visibly on our product pages.
  • Do Desesh products contain artificial fragrances? No, we only use natural scents such as those derived from essential oils.
  • Do Desesh products contain artificial colors? No, we only use natural color additives.
  • Do Desesh products contain artificial preservatives? No, we only use natural preservatives where necessary.
  • Does Desesh offer unscented options? Yes, for some of our products; for example, the Argan Oil Solid Shampoo and Conditioner bars have an unscented option; same for the Body and Face shave bar, the Dish Hand Wash Block and the Laundry Stain Cube. We are planning on launching an unscented option for both the Deodorant and Lip Balm in 2023.
  • Can I use Desesh products such as the solid shampoo / conditioner and body soap in lakes or rivers? As a part of Leave No Trace, no such products should be used in natural bodies of water. Any such products made for humans should be used where the greywater is treated properly regardless of how great the ingredients may be.
  • Why are so many of the accessory products made out of bamboo? Bamboo is a fast growing highly sustainable resource which degrades easily, is lightweight and effective for many different purposes in manufacturing.
  • Do Desesh products have an expiry date? This varies by product. For example, we recommend that products such as the shampoo/conditioner bars, soap bars, toothpaste tablets etc be used within 12 months of receiving. Check the individual product page for specific guidance, but as always use your best judgment and err on the side of caution if you think a product is past its used by date.
  • Are Desesh products organic? Some of our products contain organic ingredients, and we note this in the ingredients list where applicable. We prefer to source organic ingredients where feasible.
  • What should I do if I have a reaction to a Desesh product? If you are having a reaction to a product, you should stop use immediately and consult with your doctor to better understand the cause of the reaction. Please also message us using the Contact Us form or reply to your invoice email so we can understand the potential cause as this can help us refine our formulations. That said, everybody is different, and everyone has different allergens and triggers - so we encourage you to carefully read all ingredient labels prior to purchasing products and also test products before frequent usage (e.g., use a small amount for the first 1-2 weeks while seeing how your body reacts).
  • Are Desesh products suitable for children? Because we have not yet had all of our products independently tested, we do not want to make this claim; it is important to keep our products stored safely out of reach of pets and children.
  • Are Desesh products suitable for pregnant or new mothers? Because we have not yet had all of our products independently tested, we do not want to make this claim.
  • Are Desesh products suitable for pets? None of our products are formulated for pets; it is important to also keep our products store safely out of reach of pets and children.
  • How should I store Desesh products? This varies per product, but as a generalization we recommend keeping products stored at room temperature, away from sources of moisture, and safely out of reach and inaccessible by children and pets.
  • Can I eat any Desesh products? No. None of our products are designed to be eaten. Please see individual product pages and packaging for recommendations for accidental ingestion. As a generalization, immediately contact your poison control center or healthcare provider if accidental ingestion occurs.


  • How do I use the toothpaste tablets? Place one tablet in your mouth, chew for 2-3 seconds, then start brushing either with or without a small amount of water on your toothbrush. Then brush for 2 minutes and rinse. 
  • Can I eat the toothpaste tablets? No, none of our products should be eaten; please keep all products stored safely away from children and pets.
  • Do the toothpaste tablets contain fluoride? No, our toothpaste tablets do not contain fluoride but rather they contain hydroxyapatite as a natural alternative that provides protection for the tooth enamel. 
  • What is hydroxyapatite? Hydroxyapatite is a mineral present in human bone and teeth which plays a role in the strength of bone and bone regeneration. When used in dental care items like toothpaste tablets, it helps protect the tooth's enamel. 
  • Why do the toothpaste tablets contain SLS? According to the Environmental Working Group (here), SLS is rated 1-2 on their scale in terms of having no considerable health concerns. SLS helps to create the foaming experience that allows these tablets to be a similar brushing experience to traditional toothpaste. We believe that having a similar experience will help more people use toothpaste tablets, rather than tablets which either fizz or have insufficient foaming. That said, we are cognizant that for some people SLS can cause irritation, or they generally prefer to avoid SLS in products. We will be releasing an SLS-free formula in mid-late 2023.
  • Are the toothpaste tablets suitable for sensitive teeth? Our formula is not specifically designed for sensitive teeth. Therefore we recommend you consult with your dentist before use. 
  • What is the white material on top of the toothpaste tablet jar? This is a healthcare-grade cotton wool which is used in addition to the clay desiccant pouch to help remove moisture. For toothpaste tablets, it is important to keep the tablets stored away from moisture, or at least in a tightly sealed container with the cotton wool and desiccant pouch. Otherwise the tablets may become softer - which does not necessarily impact the ability to use them in the short term however it does affect the initial texture of the product.
  • Can I travel with the toothpaste tablets? Yes, they are perfect for travel! The glass is thicker than some other small jars but we would recommend decanting the desired number of tablets into a mint tin for travel given bags can get tossed around. 
  • What is the biodegradable floss made out of? Our refillable floss is made of plant based polylactic acid formulated from corn. This means our floss is vegan, plastic-free and compostable. 
  • What is the base of the electric toothbrush made out of? The base component of the electric toothbrush is made out of durable plastic. This is to ensure compliance with regulation, given it is a product that needs to remain hygenic (e.g., mold free) as well as with a minimized risk of fire given the electrical components. While we would love to have literally no plastic in the world, this is an example of where we think a few exceptions are necessary in the short term.
  • Do you sell replacement heads for the electric toothbrush? The electric toothbrush comes with three heads. We will sell separate packs of replacement heads in early-mid 2023.


  • Are solid shampoo and conditioners the same as soap? No. These don’t actually contain soap, but rather should be thought of as a solid salon-quality shampoo / conditioner that has been concentrated and dehydrated. 
  • How do you use the shampoo bars? 1. Wet hair and then turn off shower; 2. Rotate bar in hands ~2 times (seriously, less is more!); 3. Lather suds into hair while massaging gently, and; 4. After ~1 minute, rinse thoroughly and then use conditioner bar for best results. Keep bar stored out of standing water between uses to prolong the bar's life.
  • How do you use the conditioner bars? 1. Use immediately after completing the shampoo routine for best results; 2. Gently rub the bar directly onto hair for ~15 seconds or as required to coat hair; 3. Massage through hair until an even coverage is achieved, and; 4. After ~1 minute, rinse thoroughly. Keep bar stored out of standing water between uses to prolong the bar's life.
  • Can I travel with the shampoo and conditioner bars? Yes, however dry them before putting in a tin or container. No liquid means it is TSA compliant for travel. 
  • Do Desesh shampoo bars contain sulfate? As an alternative to SLS, our shampoo bars use Sodium Coco Sulfate and Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate which are both highly effective.
  • Are the shampoo and conditioner bars color safe? Our shampoo and conditioner bars are safe for all hair types including color treated hair. We do however recommend speaking with your colorist prior to starting a new haircare product to ensure it is a good fit for you. 
  • Are the shampoo and conditioner bars PH balanced? Yes, however we have not had this independently tested and there could be some variation between batches; the conditioner should always be used after the shampoo to ensure PH balancing. 
  • Are the shampoo and conditioner bars designed for specific hair concerns or hair types? Currently we view our bars as general-purpose for all hair concerns and hair types; that said, in 2023 we will be refining our formulation to target specific concerns and types. 
  • What is the difference between the Argan Oil bars and the Shea Butter bars? This mainly comes down to the size of the bars as well as personal preferences or a specific aversion to either Argan Oil or Shea Butter. Argan Oil is great for reducing hair breakage, increasing hair shine and hydrating the hair and scalp, and Shea Butter is great for stimulating hair growth and reducing frizz. Some people prefer one ingredient over the other. The Shea Butter bars are “XL” in that they are approximately 50% larger and cost $4 more per bar.
  • How long should the shampoo and conditioner bars last? The Argan Oil bars should last the equivalent of 1-2 12oz bottles and the Shea Butter bars should last the equivalent of 2-3 12oz bottles. We know this isn’t a concrete time amount but we all use varying amounts of shampoo and conditioner so they will last based on your personal usage.
  • How can I prolong the life of my bars? It is imperative to keep the bars dry between uses. We recommend using either a well draining soap rack or a cotton soap saver bag that is hung somewhere where it can drip dry. Bars that are constantly in standing water will not last as long and valuable suds will wash down the drain. These bars are also ultra concentrated, so you can use less than you perhaps would normally. For example, the shampoo bars for short hair require only 2-3 rotations in the hand to generate enough suds - once you then start massaging into your hair these suds will multiply, so start with less than you think you’d need until you find what is the right amount for you. You also do not need to use the shampoo and conditioner daily, but rather on whatever schedule you prefer. 


  • Are the deodorants aluminum free? Yes, both of our deodorant ranges are aluminum free and still highly effective at neutralizing odors and helping you smell amazing!
  • Are the deodorants talc free? Yes, both of our deodorant ranges are talc free and still highly effective at neutralizing odors. 
  • Are the deodorants baking soda free? Yes and no. The ‘Natural Deodorant’ contains baking soda and the ‘Natural Sensitive Deodorant’ does not contain baking soda.
  • Are the deodorants suitable for sensitive skin? We offer a sensitive skin formulation that does not contain baking soda (which for some people can be irritating). That said, all of our formulations are both concentrated and contain essential oils - which can therefore still be irritating for some people. Especially citrus based essential oils. Therefore if you have previously had a reaction to deodorants with these ingredients then our formulations may cause a similar reaction and should be avoided. We also encourage people to test smaller amounts first to see how their skin reacts.
  • How do these natural deodorants neutralize odors? The regular deodorant uses baking soda because it is effective at absorbing all types of moisture including sweat and it effectively kills odor causing bacteria. The sensitive formula uses Magnesium Hydroxide because it also inhibits odor causing bacteria from growing. 
  • Are the deodorants also antiperspirants? We do not make this claim. Our products are not designed to clog your skin / prevent perspiration. But rather the products are designed to neutralize odors and help you smell amazing. 
  • Do the deodorants stain shirts? We have not experienced any staining more or less than many other deodorants. Two important things to consider are to apply a small amount of deodorant (less is more, given these are concentrated formulas) and also put your shirt on before applying deodorant. Often stains occur when a shirt is put on after deodorant and this then stains the outside of the shirt. When switching to a new deodorant, try it first with garments that are not precious to see for yourself whether it is acceptable. 
  • How do I get the deodorant out of the tube? To open the tube, twist the top of the cap to break the paper seal; then gently push up from the base of the deodorant tube to allow the product to emerge from the main part of the tube. Be careful not to push too hard from the base as this can cause the product to come out too far. If this happens, it might be easier to push back into the tube if you refrigerate it for ~5-10 minutes and then push it back down.
  • Could the Deodorants and Lip Balms melt in high heat? Yes, because of the natural ingredients used they are susceptible to high heat. Therefore avoid having the products exposed to direct sunlight or being left in hot vehicles etc. Similarly, if you are having your product sent to you in the summer it is important to retrieve your package as soon as it is delivered to reduce the likelihood that the products could melt. That all said, generally it is not common to experience any melting except in exposure to harsh sunlight or high heat without the lid on.
  • Why did my loofah arrive paper-thin? These are compact upon arrival but then when you soak in water for a minute or so will expand to its normal shape. This helps to reduce the volume these take up when shipping and therefore reduces emissions.


  • How do I use the safety razor? 1. Wash your face to remove dirt that may cause irritation; 2. Use a shaving soap bar or cream of some sort (No dry shaving as that will lead to irritation) then start shaving; 3. Position your razor at a roughly 20 to 30 degree angle and let the weight of the razor do the work, and; 4. Rinse the razor with warm water as you shave. We recommend that you give yourself time to get used to your safety razor as it is quite different than using a disposable razor. If you are still confused after reading these instructions, we recommend you look up a Youtube video on a safety razor to see it used in action. 
  • Is the shave soap the same as regular soap? No, the shave soap has extra ingredients designed for moisturizing the skin to ensure both a smooth shave as well as to minimize irritation post shaving. We find that the bars work well before a shower as long as you apply water to the skin and massage the area about to be shaved. Then shower to rinse off afterwards. We do not currently offer an aftershave lotion but have found that it is not necessary with our shave soap. However this may differ for each individual, so do what works best for you and your body. 
  • Can I travel with the shave soap bars? Yes, but you should dry the bar before putting it into a tin or container. No liquid means it is TSA compliant for travel. You can even carefully cut the bars in halves or quarters so as to only travel with what you need. 
  • How can I dispose of the razor blade from the metal safety razor? These dual sided blades do last a long time, however when ready to replace them, carefully remove the blade and insert it into a metal soda can or similar metal product being recycled to ensure the blade is not freely moving around in the recycling where it could cut someone inadvertently.


  • How do I use the laundry stain remover soap? Except for fragile fabrics, we recommend gently rubbing the bar directly onto the garment to pre-treat the stain. Ensure the affected area is wet first to allow the soap to create suds. Then allow the garment to sit for ~15+ minutes before washing in a machine.
  • How do I use the dish handwash soap? Wet your cloth, sponge, or brush and rub them directly on the dish soap bar until it is soapy and wash your dishes as normal. The dish soap is a highly concentrated bar so only use a small amount at a time. To ensure the soap lasts as long as possible make sure you keep it dry in between uses by using our soap dish. 
  • Why did my sponge arrive paper-thin? These are compact upon arrival but then when you soak in water for a minute or so will expand to its normal shape. This helps to reduce the volume these take up when shipping and therefore reduces emissions.
  • How do I wash and dry the Swedish dish cloths? You can either wash these in a dishwasher (top rack) or a washing machine. We then recommend air drying the cloths if you want them to maintain their shape.